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Domberg Atelier

Quality is not a matter of chance. We are very meticulous and careful about the choice of wood, use modern technologies, and all our products are created by highly competent specialists of Domberg.
Passion to a job determines the result. The individualization of a living space, as well as the implementation of the customer’s ideas, are some of the main tasks of the Domberg factory.

Domberg specializes in the manufacture of customized furniture, taking into account all customer’s wishes regarding the materials, color, shape, finishing, sizes, as well as their own design of the premises.

Commercial interior

Style, quality and originality are the points of successful design of the commercial interior. Restaurants, hotels, offices, billiard rooms, and casinos.

Home interior

Home and apartment interiors are a strong factor in the permanent impact on the owner’s mental state. The world is huge, full of unusual places and different people. Just imagine that we can embody the individuality of a person in a project.


We carefully choose wood and use modern production technologies. All of this is created by professional specialists of Domberg. Domberg is a family company, and our attitude towards work is based on respect for family traditions.


Our windows will serve more than just one generation of your family!

If you appreciate the beauty of a natural tree in combination with high-tech, energy efficiency, and durability, Domberg windows will certainly become a visiting card of your facade and an excellent decoration of any room interior.


Our doors combine the newest technologies of noble wood processing and true artistic skill.


The use of unique production technologies makes our staircases ideal for high architectural level projects.
Our company performs design, manufacture, and installation of staircases.


Due to our experience and designers’ ideas, we create kitchens of various stylistic trends. All our kitchens have passed extensive testing and research to ensure that no element is deprived of its functionality and aesthetics.

Laminated products

Own production of semi-finished products by Domberg is the first and key technological stage in the production of windows, doors, and furniture.

About us

The Domberg Company’s products pose a unique balance between technological and artistic perfection. At the heart of our products are the most advanced materials and processing methods. Our work is based on a thorough and rigorous elaboration of each project, and we are focused on providing the high quality service to our customers.

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