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Experience and mastership
Domberg family three
generations are at our
customers’ service.

Passion to a job determines the result…

We are very careful about the choice of wood, use modern production technologies, and all our products are created by highly competent specialists of Domberg.

 Domberg is a family run business, our attitude to labor is based on our respect and family values.
Our experience in and knowledge about woodwork were passed on from generation to generation, having preserved the best things. Domberg is a manufactory with its own full technological cycle that works for the people appreciating emotions. The Domberg Company’s products
pose a unique balance between technological and artistic perfection. At the heart of our products are the most advanced materials and processing methods. Our work is based on a thorough and rigorous elaboration of each project, and we are focused on providing the high quality service to our customers.

Today the company’s products are exported to the United States, Great Britain, Canada, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Sweden.


Domberg use only certified wood. The certificate is a guarantee not only for the ecological compatibility of wood, but also serves as proof that deforestation was not unauthorized, which is also an important point for Domberg.

Domberg is an undertakings with high environmental responsibility. The production of high-quality wood fuel briquettes enables us to effectively dispose of wood waste (sawdust, wood chips, slabs, etc.)

The Domberg wood briquettes are produced by the method of mechanical pressing without the use of chemical fixers and binders. The burning of the briquettes has minimal impact on the environment in comparison with solid fuel (e.g. coal) while both have the same calorific value. Moreover, compared with coal, a fuel briquette contains 15 times less ash (max 3.0%), and is much more clean and convenient fuel.

Domberg has been heating all its production premises with fuel briquettes for many years, and today we can summarize that the fuel briquette is a serious competitor to natural gas. By the level of safety for the environment, fuel briquettes are leading among all traditional fuels. In addition, during combustion, the fuel briquettes do not spark and do not scatter burning coals.

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