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Quality is not a matter of chance. We are very meticulous and careful about the choice of wood, use modern production technologies, and all our products are created by highly competent specialists of Domberg.

Passion to a job determines the result. The individualization of a living space, as well as the implememtation of the customer’s ideas, are some of tthe main tasks of the Domberg factory.

Domberg specializes in the manufacture of customized furniture, taking into account all the customer’s wishes regarding the materials, color, shape, finishings, sizes, as well as their own design of the premises.

Domberg’s regular customers have already seen that the manufacturing and design quality of the furniture produced by our enterprise can meet the needs of most demanding customers. We produce furniture from a variety of materials: wood (oak, ash, cherry, elm, maple), particleboard, MDF + sheets of veneer, as well as on the basis of there materials combination. Thanks to the use of professional MILESI (Italy) lacquers and paints of wood, there is no limits in choosing the color.

For more than 20 years of experience in wood works, we have earned the reputation of a company that always performs its tasks, and we accompany projects till the product installation and provide warranties for its operation.

We work with Italian, Austrian, and American fittings, and our team is made up of professional staff who will create furniture for your aesthetic and spiritual comfort and joy.

Home interior

Home and apartment interiors are known as a strong factor of the permanent impact on the owner’s mental state.

Commercial interior

Style, exquisiteness, and originality are the points of successful design of the commercial interior.

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