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Wood-aluminium window construction («eternal window»)

Along with all the advatages of wooden windows, the aluminium protection adds the following:

  • a wide variety of colors- color palette of the powder polymer coating according to the RAL catalogue or decorated to the texture of wood and leather;
  • easy maintenance;
  • high thermal insulating properties;
  • the wooden window frame is reliaby protected against the adverse effects og the environmental such as rain, snow, dust, sunlight, which facilitates care and extends period of service;
  • aluminium profiles hold a muliple-glazed unit makes it easier to replace it if necessary;
  • no wooden fillet, and from inner side of the window the solid wood profile is visible; thanks to that the window looks even more aesthetic;
  • four packing seals significantly improve the heat and sound insulation window.

Section of 78-mm system wooden products “frame-chess”

In the production of wood-aluminium constructions we use the wood of pine, oak, ash, cherry, elm, sycamore, dark red meranti and other exotic species. The design applies profile IV-78 with the use the Gutmann (Germany) aluminium protection.

Unlike many manufacturers of European windows in addition to the usual colour of the windows, we can offer creating the effect of aging and covering with patina.

For an integrated design and practicality it is possible to use bilateral colouring: with the required colour — from the side of the street, and varnish with a decorative treatment — from the side of the room. Thus, you cannot just pick up a unique and suitable to your interior tint of the windows, but also choose its colour from the front.

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