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Wooden european windows

In wooden windows manufacturing, the Softline IV-78, 88, 98 window systems are used. Softline is a profile with bigger fillets that protects the windows from water and mud accumulation and improves the overall appearance of the products.

  • Corner interlinkings, i.e. casements and boxes have the largest radius, ensuring tighter contact of lacquer coating with the frame surface, especially in places exposed to increased moisture effects.
  • The glazing molding that reinforces multiple-glazed unit is produced without angles for better penetration of silicon and hermetic sealing of the multiple-glazed unit. A special profile eliminates the gaps at the point of junction to a casement.
  • An additional U-shaped profiling was performed across the perimeter of the inside surface of the casement to control the residual humidity during exploitation in rain and snow.
  • Our multiple-glazed unit is designed to provide optimum heat and noise insulation: due to different distances between the middle and the extreme glass of the multiple-glazed unit, which significantly improves the noise insulation, as the middle glass does not fall into the resonance between the extremes, as opposed to the symmetrical division. This is particularly notable in the area of low frequencies emitted by urban transport.

Photo of window corners and the drawing: section of 78 mm wooden system “frame casement”

Softline IV-78 with a 78 mm profile width. Recommended for all types of window openings. It’s 25% warmer than Profile IV-68. A double-chamber multiple-glazed unit of 34 mm is installed in this profile.

  • The bottom of the box of each opening casement is equipped with a water-draining bar – a special aluminum profile by Gutmann, with an additional front free edge of the sill (protecting the wood from the intense moisture effects) and the third contour of the EPDM seal. Aluminum drip edge is also installed on the casement part of windows.

Gutmann with additional sill edge guard (protecting the wood from the intense moisture effects) and the third contour of the EPDM seal. Aluminum drip is also installed on the casement part of windows.

  • The outside contour of the seal is adjacent only to the wooden surface and not to the aluminum profile, which prevents it from freezing and damage in the winter.
  • The paint and lacquer coatings used for finishing of our wooden windows and doors are distinguished by the highest resistance to atmospheric effects as well as to ultraviolet rays and they hold bright colors well for a long time.
  • We offer a wide range of hiding paints in the RAL catalog and 12 variants of standard toning with acrylic lacquer of your choice.
  • We use pine and oak wood to produce wooden windows.

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